Georgetown Community Theatre (GCT) presents “A Streetcar Named Desire,” opening this weekend, March 1-3 at Cardome Centre.

Show times are Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. Sunday. There will also be performances March 8-10. Ticket prices are $15 for adults and $12 for students.

Written by Tennessee Williams, this story has been told many times and even popularized in a movie adaptation starring Marlon Brando in 1951. This is the first time in a long time that the story takes the stage in Central Kentucky, according to show producer Blair Crabtree.

“A Streetcar Named Desire” is the story of Blanche du Bois and her moving to New Orleans, only to realize more of her past and how she has to deal with it.

“‘Streetcar’ is one that we haven’t seen,” Director Shawn Reaves said. “Nobody around here has done that. It’s a show that everybody knows of, but not necessarily everybody knows.

“Everybody knows the big screaming, ‘Stella!’ line that Marlon Brando does in ‘Streetcar,’ but not everybody has actually seen the play or read the play. So, we thought, ‘let’s bring this masterpiece to the stage and see if we can kind of increase the awareness of people of Georgetown Community Theatre.”

It is important to the cast to portray the characters of a classic story honestly.

“It means quite a great deal,” said Sloan Theaker, who plays Blanche du Bois in GCT’s ‘Streetcar.’

“This show is a timeless, timeless script that most everybody has at least heard of or recognized from somewhere,” Theaker said.

“It’s a piece that theatre people and theatre nerds, like myself, we want to get our hands on it.

“This is a play that touches on a lot of real topics, real life situations that people find themselves in sometimes. There’s drama, passion, violence, romance, all of it. And, it’s very relatable to a lot of people,” she said.  

“To be able to lead the charge as Blanche has been, an honor, for sure. We’re real excited to get the show on it’s feet and share it with everybody.”

Josh Cox takes on the role of Stanley Kowalski, once made famous by Marlon Brando. And, this is his first lead role.

“It’s really wild,” Cox said.

“It’s something you have to take really seriously, but you just kinda dive into it like any other project. Gotta make the character and then keep it going,” he said.

“Luckily, I’ve never seen [Brando’s] version of it. Cause it’s tough to see something and then try to make your own thing after that. I don’t even look at it, cause then you’re trying to size up to Marlon Brando, and that’s not fun. It’s Tyson versus an infant, and that’s not what I’m trying to do.”

Caitlyn Waltermire, who plays Stella Kowalski, fully expects the community to come out to see the show.

“Everybody knows the show, or this play or this movie. So, when something is as ubiquitous as ‘Streetcar’ it’s fun to see it with different actors, because you know the famous parts and it’s fun to see people do it with skin and live.”

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