Warning: Spoilers

"The Founder" falls short of a sell to hook the viewer. Don’t let this discourage you from watching, however. Stay with Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton) and hear out his whole sales pitch. It isn’t perfect, but there is a quality to it.

Michael Keaton plays Ray Kroc in a movie about the biggest burger empire, McDonald’s. Ray is a door to door salesman. He has gone from job to job trying to sell various products. On one particular trip, as he is trying to sell multi-mixers, he stumbles upon a restaurant that is unlike any before it. Customers line the curb to order from a walk-up window and receive their hamburger, fries and soft drink in a speedy fashion. This is McDonald’s in the 1950’s. The owners Mac and Dick McDonald, played by Nick Offerman and John Carroll Lynch, are excited about the growing business and love to share their way of doing business with anyone interested. Ray Kroc realizes the opportunity to help globalize this glorious restaurant by franchising. That leads to trouble with Dick and Mac. Many franchises pop up like tents in a short period of time and the brothers begin to worry about the quality of the company. They want McDonald’s to be known as a quality fast food and family restaurant. Ray cares deeply about the quality, as well, but he also sees potential beyond the single San Bernadino stand. To ensure quality Ray hires hard working individuals who will look after the product as their own. The McDonald brothers fight every change or improvement that Ray Kroc presents, so they battle for the business.

"The Founder" keeps your interest, but it isn’t one that will sweep you off your feet. It provides a look into the most well known fast food restaurant and how it became what it is today. Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc is a likeable jerk at times, and you wish the best for Nick Offerman and John Carroll Lynch’s characters, Dick and Mac McDonald all throughout the picture. It is one to rent, but it is not a must have for your movie library.

"The Founder" gets 3 stars/4.

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