Sam Elliott stars in the 2017 film “The Hero,” directed by Brett Haley.

“The Hero” tells the story of Lee Hayden (Elliot), a star of classic westerns, who has found out he has cancer. He doesn’t know exactly how to comprehend the news. He looks for comfort in the company of friends, even if it is hard for him to share the news of what happened.

Hayden’s friend Jeremy Frost, played by Nick Offerman, introduces him to Charlotte Dylan (Laura Prepon). The two find a connection and begin to fall for one another. It is very difficult for Hayden to understand what is going on with his health. He is just looking to enjoy life for as long as he can.

Hayden finds out he is receiving a lifetime achievement award for his work in western films. When presented with the award, he proceeds to give it away, saying that he shouldn’t be the hero. This move puts his career back on the map as everyone wants to know and work with Lee Hayden. Yet, Hayden still has not shared the news of his illness.

“The Hero” is about finding yourself in the midst of adversity, what really is important in life and enjoying the moments while you can even if it isn’t easy.

The movie’s pace is slow, but not disengaging. You truly get a feel for Hayden and his current state of mind, even if he doesn’t vocalize his feelings.

Sam Elliot puts on a great show. Nick Offerman and Laura Prepon are great supporting roles for “The Hero,” along with Krysten Ritter.

If you are trying to decide on your next rental for a night in, “The Hero” is a good choice.

“The Hero” gets 3 stars/4. 

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