City Awake is a  rock band local to Central Kentucky with members from Georgetown. Members are Justin Tackett Shawn Caudill, Aaron Bowling, and Ian Dozer.

City Awake started as a band about two years ago.

“We’re a four piece band,” Tackett said. “We started, probably almost two years ago, and we’ve been through a lot of changes.”

Tackett recently stepped into supply lead vocals to the band.

In the beginning, they were already working on original music.

“When we first started up, we didn’t really play anything for probably three or four months, as far as shows are concerned,” he said. “Just (were) trying to get some material together. We do all originals, no covers.”

City Awake classify themselves as a rock band.

“We’re definitely rock,” Tackett said. “We have a lot of classic rock influences, but we try to keep our sound modern…

“We definitely have our own style. When you listen to us it’s not like, ‘oh, they sound like…’ this or they sound like that, like, ‘oh, that’s City Awake, you know.’”

They have played shows in some of Kentucky’s neighboring states, including Indiana and Ohio.

City Awake now plays at least a show every other week, said Tackett.

Being in a band is hard work, he said.

“At first, it’s definitely grinding, a lot of getting going,” said Tackett. “But, eventually you hope that you pick up momentum. That’s what we’re hoping to do. We’re hoping to make some big waves at Manchester.”

City Awake opens for Bad Wolves at Manchester Music Hall May 22.

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