“Power Rangers” delivers a kick of nostalgia with many familiar references to the television series while adding some originality.

Many years ago Rita Repulsa defeated Zordon, a red ranger and his power ranger team. Zordon waited until a new team was ready and emerged. He left behind morphers to pick the newest five Power Rangers, Jason, Billy, Kimberly, Zack and Trini.

Now, Rita is back and after the Zeo Crystal, which is found in Angel Grove. It is up to a new team of rangers to save their city. First, they must find out who they are and come together as a team. The new rangers all soon realize the importance of friendship and what it means to sacrifice for one another. The realization that they aren’t so different from one another gives them the ability to morph into their ranger suits and save their home from Rita and her monster creation, Goldar.

With this new “Power Rangers” movie fans were nervous of how it would turn out, and rightfully so with so many remakes and new adaptations that turn out to be lackluster. This adventure is better than expected, however. With a runtime just over two hours it keeps your interest. The characters are likeable, relatable and funny. The pacing works very well. Fight sequences were okay. There was a lot of spectacle with the sequences, but what made the series so cool was the focus on the martial arts. This is what the latest installment is missing. That being said, you will leave the theater happy and ready to fight alongside the rangers on their next mission to save Angel Grove. “Power Rangers” gets 3.5 stars/4.

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