“The LEGO Batman Movie”, directed by Chris McKay is a witty, yet sarcastically funny family film. Will Arnett is the voice of the iconic superhero known to Gotham City as Batman, while a surprising Zach Galifianakis brings life to the Joker.  The action carries on throughout and it is hard to look away. Continuous one liners will have you laughing from beginning to end. You may even notice some special appearances by familiar Warner Brothers and comic book characters.

Batman, a.k.a. Bruce Wayne is a rich bachelor who is notorious for working alone. He ends up unintentionally adopting a young boy named Dick Grayson, who would later become his sidekick, Robin. They have to save Gotham from Batman’s #1 foe, Joker in what may be his biggest attempt at domination yet. The Joker brings together some unexpected villains to try and take the city away from a new commissioner. This doesn’t sit well with Batman, as he tries to save the city while learning the importance of gaining some new teammates.

A great takeaway from “The LEGO Batman Movie” is the importance of friends, family and teamwork. This family feature truly has it all, action, comedy, solid writing and a noticeable character arc. The only real issue is that it may drag on a few minutes too long, and what about the Justice League?!

“The LEGO Batman Movie” gets 3.5 stars/4.

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