“Baby Driver” is a true thrill ride. Edgar Wright directs this visually stunning film which follows Baby (Ansel Elgort), a young, yet skilled getaway driver.

Doc (Kevin Spacey), a crime boss, assembles a top team of criminals for each job. Each team being different, with the exception of one skilled individual, Baby. He is always the driver. Every heist goes according to plan for Doc and Baby. It seems like the two are a dream team. The others don’t seem to understand Baby. Baby is too clean. He is caught up with a bad crowd all because of one bad decision and he is trying to square up with Doc. Baby falls in love with a waitress at the local diner and wants out of the life of crime so he can be with her. Doc has other ideas, however. Baby is the good luck charm and without him a job won’t go right. That is until one job has trouble written all over it. Baby has to get out before he goes down with the others for good. He can’t leave without his love, Debora (Lily James), though. Together they take the open road, just the two of them and some music. This picture is a truly troubled love story, but you will feel the love.

The editing for “Baby Driver” is amazing. Music is interspersed throughout perfectly and goes smooth with the cuts. Bullets fly to the music and action is high as cars whiz by. The sound design and music selection for this picture is truly breathtaking. It draws you in and makes you a part of the action. The colors used in this film are stunning. It’s almost like a trance at times. This is easily one of the best films out in a long time. “Baby Driver” is a film you will not want to get away from.

“Baby Driver” gets 4 stars/4.

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