If you need a feel-good movie to watch on a late rainy night “Sing Street” hits every right note. Conor (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo) is the new kid at a school in Ireland. He falls for an older girl named Raphia (Lucy Boynton) who lives near the school. To impress her and get her number he tells Raphina that he is starting a band. There is a problem, though. He doesn’t know anyone who plays music and he himself isn’t the best singer. With the help of Darren (Ben Carolan), the newly dubbed “band manager” and school friend, Conor finds a good group of determined youths. Eamon (Mark McKenna), a chill individual who can play every instrument, Ngig (Percy Chamburuka), a skilled keyboardist and two other schoolmates. These guys form a band called Sing Street, with influences from Duran Duran and other 80’s bands.

“Sing Street” is a story many can relate to. It’s about standing up for what you believe in and being who you truly are meant to be. No matter the odds, anything is possible. Conor and Raphina strike up a close friendship, but she is supposed to go to London with her on-and-off again boyfriend. There isn’t much time. Conor has to seize every opportunity he can to express his true feelings. 

This is a real endearing movie that should not be missed. If you appreciate music, you’ll love it. If you like a good love story, you’ll enjoy “Sing Street.” This is a movie you do not want to miss. It’s even one you’ll want to watch again and again.

“Sing Street” gets 4 stars/4

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