This review is a bit different. Instead of looking at what usually is a single feature film, we will be diving into a series of 13 episodes. Warning: There are spoilers.

Netflix’s "13 Reasons Why" is raw, emotional and real. The characters carry the story with authenticity. They know how high school truly can be a nightmare. But, nightmares do end. You are drawn into the thriller as Clay Jensen relives each of the 13 tapes. He watches as the drama unfolds, the games are played and the deceit is covered up. The mind of Hannah Baker and Clay Jensen are clearly expressed to the viewer through the editing. Clay is like a ghost observing the scenarios from the sidelines. The past comes back around and Hannah’s reality is brought to the forefront. This series, unlike many others, shows the true thought process of teenagers in the most influential period of their lives.

"13 Reasons Why" is Netflix’s latest hit original series. Based off of the book by Jay Asher, the television series follows Hannah Baker, a high school student who left behind a box full of tapes telling those responsible why she killed herself. There is one friend instructed to hold onto the tapes. If no one listens to them all the way through or does not pass them to the next on the list, it is their job to release a second set to the public. This leverage keeps the students on edge while trying their best to keep a certain reputation among peers. Clay Jensen, one of Hannah’s closest friends is also one of the 13, but not for the same reasons as everyone else. Clay loved Hannah. He didn’t always know how to express it, though. After her death, Clay takes it upon himself to set the record straight. He makes sure those responsible know what they did and feel for it, just like Hannah bled for it. It is hard for Clay to hear what happened all around him while he never noticed it in real time.

While the students are grieving the loss of a classmate, there is a lawsuit brought onto the school by Hannah’s parents, Olivia Baker and Andy Baker. They believe bullying at the school was the problem and the faculty did not handle it properly. Fighting on behalf of the school is Lainie Jensen, Clay’s mother and attorney. This creates some conflict as Mrs. Jensen tries to comfort her grieving son at home, while trying to find out the truth of the situation. Clay doesn’t open up until he realizes the severity of one of the tapes. He can’t say outright to his mother what happened, but he promises her that he will share what he knows after everything is taken care of.

From the first episode to the last you will be on the edge of your seat. This is a hard show to watch due to the subject matter, but it is needed because maybe now people’s eyes will be opened up to the signs of suicide. It shows how sometimes words and actions can hurt and forever alter another’s life. Teenagers are not the only ones binging this hard hitting drama. It is important that parents watch too, and they are.  "13 Reasons Why" does not shy away from reality.

The newest Netflix Original hit "13 Reasons Why" gets 4 stars/4.

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