There is no more need to wonder where in the world Carmen Sandiego is, because she has found a home on Netflix.

The Netflix Original cartoon series premiered Jan. 18 on the streaming service with nine episodes in it’s first season. And, even though the first episode starts off a bit slow, the show will definitely have you hooked, along with it’s great score of music throughout.

Unlike most of the original “Carmen Sandiego" shows from the early to mid 1990s, this one is fully animated.

Netflix’s “Carmen Sandiego” tells the origin of Ms. Sandiego and her time at V.I.L.E., a school for criminals.

While in school Carmen realizes she doesn’t want to be a “bad” thief after all and escapes, only planning to stop every caper the V.I.L.E. school has up their sleeve.

ACME, however is there to try and stop Carmen Sandiego and Chief, ACME’s leader, returns to try and catch Ms. Sandiego in the act.

The writing is fairly witty and engaging. Just like with the 90’s “Carmen Sandiego”, lessons on geography are learned in fun and exciting ways. There are also several twists and turns in the series that will put a smile on your face.

Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin) voices Carmen Sandiego, while Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things) is her sidekick hacker known as Player. These two are a perfect fit. However, some other characters get to be a tad too much. For instance, Chase Devineaux, played by Rafael Petardi, the detective who is out to prove how evil and vile Carmen Sandiego is, can be a bit over the top and distracting from the show’s story at times.

All-in-all Netflix’s “Carmen Sandiego” is a fun show for the whole family. Even the adults who may have grown up on the originals may get a kick out of the cartoon.

Netflix’s “Carmen Sandiego” gets 3 stars/4.

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