The pandemic is bringing out the best in people.

That’s Willow Hambrick’s opinion when she sent out a call for face masks for her husband, Horace’s, medical practice, Georgetown Pediatrics.

“The best in people is coming out during this pandemic,” she said on her Facebook page. “Georgetown Pediatrics, like so many other medical offices, is running short on face masks. They are in extremely short supply.

“Doctors and nurses and office staff are already reusing masks — in many hospitals and offices. The CDC told doctors yesterday that when they run out of masks, to use a bandana or a scarf. As the wife of a physician, that frightened me!”

So she sent out a call for help, and the response was overwhelming.

Shannon Burns of Birdsong Quilting and Crafts donated fabric from her shop and several volunteers are working together to sew hundreds of masks.

“We’ve donated 60 yards of fabric,” Burns said. “That’s a lot of fabric.” 

Since word got out about the effort to sew masks for Georgetown Pediatrics, Burns has been getting calls from all over, including other hospitals in Kentucky where she is shipping fabric.

“I didn’t even think twice (about donating),” Burns said. “To me it’s an extension of what I try to do all the time. It’s an extension of our existing community.”

Jayne Pitts-Hibberd, one of the volunteers helping to sew the masks said she has had many requests from friends who need masks. 

“I’ve been amazed at the people that don’t have masks,” she said. “I know that it’s helping, if nothing else to give them something nice to put on their face to protect them as much as it protects them.” 

Pitts-Hibberd said she wishes there was more she could do to help. 

“I wish there were other things that would come up that we could do like; I thought about using old sheets for gowns for hospitals,” she said. “Everybody has old top sheets they don’t use anymore because the bottom sheets wear out. 

“…I have a lot of upholstry fabric if we could use that to make the shoe coverings. There’s a lot of things we could put together to use.”

Quilting cotton fabric, flannel, elastic and vise tape are used to make the masks. 

“It just seems like, if we could do a little bit here, a little bit there and a little bit more there we could be of some benefit,” Pitts-Hibberd said.


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