covid press conference

Scott County has its first confirmed coronavirus case.

The case was confirmed about 5 p.m. Sunday and was announced via Facebook Live by Dr. Crystal Miller of WEDCO, Georgetown Mayor Tom Prather and County Judge-Executive Joe Pat Covington. The three were seated apart as a practice of social distancing.

There were few personal details about the patient, other than Miller referring to the patient as “she” and “her."

“Although this is our first case, we expect more,” Miller said. “We had expected more and quite frankly (are) shocked that it took this long for us to have a positive case.

"But that’s due to testing capacity. We are building capacity with private labs as you heard the governor talk about.”

WEDCO has already started its investigation of the epidemiology of the first case, Miller said.

“The patient suspected due to travel and how she was feeling that it might be COVID-19,” she said.

She wore a mask to meet with a doctor who was also wearing protective gear, Miller said.

“I think that speaks to how well our community is responding and listening to the education and importance of these provision methods,” she said. “Please find comfort in that as we roll into having more cases.”

Georgetown Community Hospital is prepared, local doctors are prepared and understand what is needed to protect everyone, she said.

Some testing is coming from private labs, which will give more options for individuals to be tested, but it may also delay reporting, warned Miller. She encouraged doctors to stay in touch with WEDCO so they can keep accurate records.

“The most important thing you can do as a community member is practice social distancing,” she said. “Please, it is the most effective tool that we have to combat this virus.”

Covington and Prather said the city, county and public health services are working together. Each leader urged people to practice social distancing.

“It’s a short-term sacrifice for a long-term gain,” Covington said.

The economic impact of this virus has been discussed, and the city and county are looking at ways to help, Prather said. But right now, the best way for everyone to help is to practice social distancing.

“Our efforts in social distancing today are truly an act of patriotism,” Prather said.

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