Mike Adams of Burton Pike rounded up his cattle shortly after noon Sunday, after they had been roaming the Mallard Point subdivision for about a day. 

When Adams first heard about the stray animals Saturday evening, he thought they were not his, but a tree had fallen on his fence, and the cattle had roamed through a hollow and into the neighborhood. 


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If you are missing eight head of cattle, they may be in the Mallard Point.

Residents awoke Saturday to find the cattle roaming the northern Scott County subdivision, and they are still there today. Animal control does not take cattle, and the Scott County Sheriff’s Office has gone door-to-door looking for the owners with no luck.

“Usually, it is pretty easy to find the owner of cattle,” said Sgt. Josh Bedson of the Sheriff’s Office. “But not this time. It’s a first for me.”

If you believe these are your cattle contact the Sheriff’s Office at 502-863-7855.

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