The finished greenhouse structure at Royal Spring Middle School.

Construction of a greenhouse is almost complete at Royal Spring Middle School. Students participating in the school’s agriculture classes helped construct it themselves.

 “We’ve just finished putting up the actual structure itself,” Royal Spring Middle School agriculture teacher Shelby Roberts said. “Now we just need to put in flooring, tables and find a cash register to put in it.”

The greenhouse will be used to grow many different items such as vegetables and flowers.

“We will be able to use that greenhouse for various plant labs and research labs the kids would be interested in,” Roberts said. “But they’ll also be able to use it to get experience for the business aspect of things, too.”  

Students will learn how to determine prices for crops and operate a cash register. They’ll even design hanging baskets themselves that will be for sale to teachers and other students.

“When these students get their first jobs, they’ll be able to utilize the skills they’ll learn from running this greenhouse,” Roberts said.

Agriculture students didn’t only work on the greenhouse. During construction, a group of students also worked on a compost bin, while another group worked on harvesting the garden.

“We’re really hoping to do a lot with this greenhouse,” Roberts said.

“It’ll serve not just agriculture students, but the entire school. There are tons of interesting ways different types of teachers could utilize the greenhouse.”

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