No one stepped up to challenge newly-appointed District 5 Magistrate Dwayne Ellison who is completing Bernard Palmer’s term on the Scott County Fiscal Court when filing concluded Friday afternoon. 

So, Ellison, a Republican, will avoid the May primary but he will be on the ballot in November and must collect at least one vote more than any potential write-in candidates to be elected to the position. No Democrats filed to challenge for the seat.

There are 16 candidates for Georgetown City Council, which means there will not be an elimination primary in May, and all candidates advance to November’s election. The city council is a non-partisan position. The public drawing for ballot position will be June 4, at 2 p.m. at the Scott County Courthouse.

All eight council incumbents filed for re-election. They will be challenged by a former council member, a well-known educator and activist and several well-known challengers.

Here are the candidates for council listed in the order they filed:

— Tammy Lusby Mitchell, incumbent

— Connie K. Tackett, incumbent

— Karen Tingle-Sames, incumbent

— David Lusby, incumbent

— Mark Showalter, incumbent

— Willow Hambrick

Stephen D. Price

— Sonja Wilkins Brent

— Millie Butcher Conway

— Marvin Thompson, incumbent

— Greg Hampton

— Todd Stone, incumbent

— Tamara “Mara” Maybry

— Polly Singer-Eardley, incumbent

— Dean Strong

— Hillary Hunt

The top eight candidates with the most votes in November will be elected to the council.

In the state races, Rep. Savannah Maddox representing the 61st District and Rep. Mark Hart, representing the 78th District were unchallenged, according to the Kentucky Secretary of State website.

Incumbent State Sen. Damon Thayer, R-Georgetown, will be challenged by Jason Stroude, D-Crittenden to represent the 17th District and incumbent State Rep. Phillp Pratt, R-Georgetown will be challenged by David Mayo, D-Georgetown to represent the 62nd District in November, according to the secretary of state website.


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