An Anne Mason Elementary employee is no longer with the Scott County School system after an incident involving a student, according to Superintendent Dr. Kevin Hub.

“There was an incident (Wednesday) in the Anne Mason cafeteria where an employee disciplined a child in a manner that is not acceptable for Scott County Schools employees,” Hub said. “As superintendent of schools, upon hearing about the incident, I took swift and appropriate action to make sure that the child yesterday and every other Scott County student would not be disciplined in such a manner moving forward. The employee involved in (Wednesday’s) incident has not been in front of students since the incident and is no longer employed by Scott County Schools.”

Hub  had reached out to the mother and father of the child in the incident, he said.

“They appreciated me reaching out to them. They were complimentary of the communication they got from Lori Sargent, the principal of the school,” Hub said. “They were fairly disappointed that what happened to their child happened under the care of Scott County Schools. I apologized to them; they understand that I’m ultimately responsible for the actions of all our employees. They understood and appreciated the swift action.”

The mother had posted on social media that during lunch, students were encouraged to shout thank you to their custodians. Her child yelled loudly and the lunchroom monitor slapped the student on the back/shoulder area. She had posted pictures of the red spot on her child’s back/shoulder. 

She also posted Thursday that the superintendent and principal had been working with the family to get most of the needed information.

Tt was an isolated incident and that the employee’s career had not exhibited anything     that would cause concern, Hub said. 

“Nonetheless, it required the action taken,” he said.

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