Georgetown Police made an arrest by mid-morning Thursday after an overnight burglary at Georgetown Middle School, according to Assistant Chief Robert Swanigan.

Braydon Bays, of Georgetown and about 20 years old, was arrested in Scroggins Park.

"Just great work by our detectives in making an arrest this quick," Swanigan said. "The detectives were able to get on the scene quickly and begin investigating and they were able to recover some of the property stolen."

The break-in happened overnight Wednesday and several classrooms and offices had been gone through. Swanigan said laptops, desktop computers and other electronics were stolen, some of which were found on the ground in Georgetown Cemetery. That trail led to an address in Scroggins Park where Bays was taken into custody.

Georgetown Police did a full sweep of the school before allows student and staff in for the day, said Renee Holmes, community education director and spokesperson for Scott County Schools.

Bays has been charged with one bout of burglary and theft, and Swanigan said how he entered the school was still under investigation.

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