The Scott County Board of Education approved setting the real and personal property tax rates at .571 cents for 2019-20, an increase from the 2018-19 rate of .564 cents. The motor vehicle tax rate will be .548 for 2019-20.

The rates were approved 4-0 at a recent meeting, with Stephanie Powers not present. The action means the board approved taking the 4% increase that produces 4% over the amount of revenue the compensating rate would bring in.

The total certified value of property subject to school taxes increased 4.75% to $5,036,376,507.

The revenue generated by the approved rate for the district is $28,757,709.82. The compensating rate would have raised $27,704,568 in revenue.

Two people spoke during the public hearing, both expressing their support for public education but also asking if the tax rate increase was necessary every year.

“Taxes keep going up. Prices keep going up,” said Melanie Morgan. “My husband and I are retired and on fixed incomes. I’m very pro-education and love the new school and everything Scott County has accomplished, but we worry about our financial outlook.”

“I was here last year when you raised the tax, and I support a tax increase, but not 4 percent every year,” added Emily Turner. “Is there a reason why you take the max 4 percent every year? Can you do 2 percent one year?

“You will see some increase with new houses coming in. There are lots of incoming families. Scott County is booming. We see new subdivisions going up everywhere.”

According to information the school system provided based on figures from the Scott County PVA Office, an $83,250 homeowner pays taxes of $469.53 based on the current tax rate of .564. At the new rate, the taxes will be $475.36. On a median home of $166,500, the new tax rate will be $950.72, up from $939.06. And on a $249,750 home, the new taxes will be $1,426.07, up from $1,408.59.

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