The U.S. Secret Service partnered with the Scott County Special Response Team (SRT) to raid a suspected counterfeit operation at an East Washington Street home Monday afternoon.

The SRT, which consists of officers from both the Georgetown Police Department and the Scott County Sheriff’s Office, served search warrants. Three people were taken into custody on site including: Alyssa B. Simpson, 26, of Georgetown; John R. McFarland, 28, of Georgetown and Anthony W. Helton, 33, of Lexington. All three face first-degree forgery charges, with Simpson also being served three bench warrants. McFarland was also arrested on a charge of theft by deception including cold checks under $500.

U.S. currency, a printers, papers used to make checks, fake checks, stolen identification documents, laptops and hair spray which are all used to produce counterfeit money, were confiscated during the raid according to police documents. The printer contained a template attached to the scanning screen. Simpson lived at the residence with McFarland and Helton and all the items were readily accessible to her, according to the citation. 

McFarland provided detectives a large amount of counterfeit money, saying it came from a Melina Stephens, the citation states. McFarland also stated he passed counterfeit money at a Shell service station in Georgetown, along with the items used to print counterfeit money that were accessible to him.

Detectives also located those same items and were accessible to Helton, the citation regarding him states.  

The investigation is ongoing and more charges are possible, police said.

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