Stamping Ground Police Chief Roger Nowakowski stands with two canvases given to him at his surprise appreciation party. The canvases feature signatures from local families.

STAMPING GROUND — Police Chief Nowakowski was asked to check out a potential issue at Buffalo Springs Park’s pavilion. What he found inside was an unexpected surprise.

The community greeted him with balloons and cheers, for a surprise appreciation party.

“I never expected this. This is great,” Nowakowski said.

Inside there was pizza, hot dogs and a cake with a picture of the Stamping Ground Police chief badge on it.  

“It was a success just because he was totally surprised,” said Stamping Ground Mayor Kayla Jones.

Nowakowski was given two canvases, with signatures from local families, along with a small gift.

“It’s hard work. Any law enforcement is hard work,” said Julia Meister. Meister helped plan the party for Nowakowski. “I wanted him to understand that he was very special to this community, and that he made a difference in a lot of people’s lives, a lot of children and a lot of families.”

Children greeted the chief with hugs, and told him how much they appreciated him. He is known for giving lollipops and popsicles to the children of Stamping Ground while on patrol.

“So many kids are afraid of police these days, and I want them to know that we are here for them, and that they shouldn’t be afraid of the police,” Nowakowski said.

Nowakowski joined the Stamping Ground Police Department in 2016 and accepted the position of chief in May 2017. He has 24 years of experience in law enforcement.

“One of the reasons I took the chief’s job a year ago is because it’s such a great community,” Nowakowski said. “I never expected this. I’m glad to know people think that I’m doing a good job. I was hoping to do a good job.”

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