The Scott County/Georgetown Code Enforcement Appeals Board upheld an order condemning Steve Price’s property at 167 Rucker Ave.

There were three phases to the order, the first removing all combustible materials from inside his home. The city, per Judge Brian Privett’s orders, helped Price move some of his items to a storage unit last Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. He had been able to cover some materials a couple of tarps.

The second phase addressed nuisance violations. By March 30 at 4 p.m., Price needs to have abated all violations that are nuisances, including open storage of materials and equipment on the property and any violations contributing to the blighted appearance of the exterior property. He needs to present a plan to Code Enforcement by March 11 on meeting the requirements of phase 2. The final phase is making the home fit for human habitation by having lawful and adequate sources of heat, electrical service, sewer service, water service, absence of pest and rodent infestation among other things. A plan must be presented by April 30 and he has six months from the date of the order to abate those violations.

The appeals board only heard arguments based on the record and no new evidence could be presented. After the appeals board made its ruling, Price was informed what his next steps would be, including filing a motion in district court.

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