STAMPING GROUND — A new online payment system, communication and infrastructure were discussed at the Stamping Ground City Commission meeting Tuesday.

The commissioners are considering adopting a system from the Kentucky League of Cities (KLC) that will allow Stamping Ground to accept online payments for fees and taxes. The system would cost a one-time fee of $500 and KLC would build Stamping Ground a website to use it. Citizens could still come to city hall if they wish. T. The commission seemed to be in support of the program but tabled the discussion until July.

The commissioners considered what to do about Mayor Keith Murphy’s First Net phone. The commissioners ultimately decided to give the cell phone to Police Chief Roger Nowakowski. They decided to allow the contract to finish and then consider whether to renew or return it, depending on if the chief uses it or not.

The conversation about the cell phone sparked a discussion about communication. Fire Chief Chuck Helms said he believes all the commissioners should have cell phones to be reached in case of emergency. A new resident in attendance raised concerns about how the community should respond in an emergency.

“We as a community need to know what to do in an emergency,” she said.

Commissioner Robert Duncan suggested the city look into a reverse 9-1-1 system which would alert and inform the community in case of an emergency.

“We have major communication problems that need to be addressed,” said commissioner Will Hollon.

“We need to catch up with what’s being done in other communities today.”

The commissioners were in favor of an addition to the city’s website that would inform the community about how to respond in an emergency.

Also on the subject of the website, the commissioners discussed a need for a more modern, updated site. Murphy would like to get a ‘.gov’ domain, he said.

The commissioners discussed the effect of growth on the city’s infrastructure. The increase in the population has lowered the water pressure of fire hydrants, Helms said. The fire department will be retesting all Stamping Ground fire hydrants and correcting their color coding as needed, he said.

Stamping Ground magistrate David Livingston is concerned about the city’s infrastructure keeping up with growth, he said.  

“Our growth is too fast, we can’t keep up with infrastructure,” said Livingston.

“I love growth, growth is good, but growth doesn’t pay for itself.”

The commissioners heard a first reading of the budget ordinance. The commissioners scheduled a special meeting to be held on Tuesday, June 18, at 6 p.m. for a second reading.

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