A pride picnic was held Saturday in honor of the passing of the city’s Fairness Ordinance.  

Picnics and ice cream socials have been held in the past to bring awareness to the cause of protecting LGBTQ+ members within the community, but Saturday’s pride picnic was a celebration.

The Ordinance states that the city desires to implement a policy that treats individuals within the city equally and free from discrimination in the context of housing, employment and public accommodation on account of race, color, religion, nation origin, sex, age, familial status, disability, gender identity and sexual orientation.  

People of all walks of life gathered Saturday, sharing food while listening to live music. Speeches were given about the progress that has been made so far on LGBTQ+ issues and the struggles that have taken place for some in the past when it comes to efforts to have equality in Georgetown and Kentucky in general. Discussions also took place about having a state wide ordinance in the future to prevent discrimination on a state level.  

Many city officials were in attendance at the event including Mayor Tom Prather and city council members Tammy Lusby Mitchell, Todd Stone, David Lusby and Connie Tackett. Many were happy and excited to be at the event especially Prather who feels “This new Ordinance is on the right side of history.”  

Georgetown is the 13th Kentucky city to adopt the Fairness Ordinance. Many at the event would agree that more work needs to be done but for now the community is gathering in celebration for the progress that has been made recently on LGBTQ+ issue and for fairness itself.    


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