With a new school year descending upon the county, a group of teachers, moms, pastors and other community members will gather at the flagpole of Scott County High School Aug. 13 at 7 p.m. for its annual prayer service.

The group has been organizing the prayer time for about five years, according to Danielle Roark, a teacher at Scott County preschool.

“Alice Farley, who teaches at the preschool too, and I started explaining to people what God had put on our hearts in putting this together,” she said.

“It is various community members working together to meet for 30 minutes. Different people will lead prayers for the students, teachers and parents.”

Usually about 75 people turn out to the vigil that is open to anyone.

“We don’t want anyone to feel intimated,” Roark said. “Somebody leads the prayer, and there is time for silent prayer as well. Nobody is put on the spot.”

She said there is prayer for protection and that the students feel safe, loved and learn well and they will enjoy their days at school and make friends.

“We pray for wisdom in raising families and the teachers have a successful school year,” Roark said. “We want to involve parents, teachers, grandparents and the community in this because it is a teamwork approach to be successful in the classroom.

“We believe prayer provides comfort, changes things and has a positive impact on us as teachers for the whole year. We hope this inspires people to pray for the schools throughout the year.”

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