Country Boy expanding

Daniel Harrison, one of the founders of Country Boy Brewing, stands in front of the site of the brewery’s new warehouse that will be open later this year.

Country Boy Brewing’s partners still can’t believe how far they have come since 2012 when they started their brewery and tended bar themselves.

Things have gone so well crews have started moving dirt and doing other prep work to add a $1.8 million, 19,000-square-foot expansion to their Georgetown site so Country Boy can relocate their warehouse space from Lexington. Daniel Harrison, one of the brewery’s founders and a Scott County native, said the hope is it will be completed by Thanksgiving.

“We won’t be renewing our lease option on the warehouse across from the Lexington taproom,” Harrison said. “We want to put everything under one roof and make the process more efficient and have dry storage room.

“This will let us expand and put more products in cans to send out.”

Currently, there are cans stacked and waiting to be filled with Cougar Bait, Cliff Jumper, Shotgun Wedding, Halfway Home and other Country Boy brands. The new warehouse when completed will let them put the empty cans nearer to the canning line and allow production tanks to be added.

“Growth is a good thing. What we are expanding was in the original architectural plans,” Harrison said, adding that they have also purchased four more acres for future uses they haven’t decided on. The entire Country Boy site is now 10 acres.

“The current warehouse has been good, but it is an old tobacco warehouse,” he said. “This new building will connect to our current one and it will be to our specs, be cleaner, more efficient and maintain high quality control standards.”

The Lexington taproom will stay open, and the addition will let them expand the market they ship their products too. Currently Country Boy is available across Kentucky and West Virginia, and parts of Indiana, Tennessee and southern Ohio.

“We are lucky. We like to say we were in the right time, right place. We were four guys who took their backyard home beer and knew how to work hard,” he said.

 “We have the best staff that I would put up against anyone in the country.

“When we opened in Lexington, we never thought we would open something here in Georgetown and when we built this, we never thought we would expand. When I pull up, I have to pinch myself when I see what we have built here.”

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