Trash pickup

A crew from the Scott County Detention Center picks up trash along a Scott County road. The inmates will pick up as many as 55 bags of trash in one shift.

Scott County Solid Waste Coordinator Jared Hollon explains the county is battling the trash mess on two fronts.

“We use two different state grant sources, tire waste and litter abatement,” said Hollon. “If a land owner in Scott County has had illegal dumping we can help clean that up but we mostly concentrate on keeping county land clear of trash. It’s a positive program for the community.”

A county crew recently had to remove tires that had been illegally dumped at the reservoir site in northern Scott County, Hollon said.

“People can call and report an old trash pile or other environmental concerns and we can get them to the right agency for help,” he said.

One of those calls might be referred to the Scout County Jailer Darren Broyles. Broyles maintains three crews that are assigned to pick up litter on different roads through out the county.

“We have about 14 people on each crew and they can pick up a lot of trash in a 7-8 hour day,” he said adding a crew last fall picked up 55 bags of trash in one shift. 

Residents of Scott County can call the jailer’s office at 502-863-7880 to request a trash pick up crew for a specific road. The road will be put on a list and roads on that list are cleaned-up on a first-come first-serve basis.

 Multiple Scott County agencies will be involved with an anti-litter campaign later this year, said Hollon. 

“We are working with Judge Covington’s office to address the litter problem in the county and we’ll be utilizing billboards to raise awareness in the community, he said.

Citizens are encouraged to take advantage of the free dump day at the Central Kentucky Landfill the first Saturday each month until noon. Information on accepted materials are listed on the landfill website at


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