Scott County Judge-Executive Joe Pat Covington is expecting a “well-attended hearing” May 30 over the Central Kentucky Landfill, the solid waste management plan and future capacity. The hearing will begin at 6 p.m. at the Scott County High School Auditorium.

The county has set up an email for people to send comments, and it has generated about 50 responses.

“The volume is not what I thought it would be, but I think most people are just planning to show up and address their concerns at the hearing,” Covington said. “I do believe it will be a well-attended hearing.”

Deputy Judge-Executive Jared Hollon has received some phone calls, but has encouraged those people to come to the meeting or email, he said. A court reporter will be on site recording all comments, and the county is required to respond to all comments within 15 days.

Those wishing to speak will need to sign up as they enter, and a group of people can select one person to represent them and make public comments, Covington said. But a letter should be presented with names and addresses of all the people the person is representing so the county can connect to all those people.

“Everybody that wants to speak will be able too. But we will not be answering questions or responding to comments at that meeting,” Hollon said.

Covington will be working to move the meeting along, he said.

“I’ll be navigating the ship and moving everyone in one direction so everyone that is there to speak does,” he said. “We want to move along and  in an efficient manner.”

People can still send comments through May 29 to or by mail to Solid Waste Office, 101 East Main Street, Suite 210, Georgetown KY 40324, Hollon said.

The county also opened bids received on future capacity of the landfill this week and is reviewing the three bids that were submitted, Covington said.

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