Months after being released from prison, a Scott County man is back behind bars after police say he drunkenly attempted to stab a stranger with a steak knife for confronting him while he vandalized a car, according to official reports.

Ezra K. Hoover, 53, appeared in court Thursday in the case. The Georgetown Police Department  arrested him a day earlier about 3 p.m. on Scroggin Park Drive after he allegedly assaulted officers responding to reports of a man damaging a vehicle and then intruding into multiple homes.

Hoover now is being held at the jail on charges of intoxication in a public place, criminal mischief, burglary, assault, criminal trespassing, resisting arrest, assault on an officer and parole violation, court records stated.

According to police reports, the witness said he decided to confront Hoover because he was causing damage to a neighbor’s car. That’s when Hoover ran toward him and forced his way inside the witness’ home and began destroying a TV, officers reported.

“Ezra then ran to the kitchen and grabbed a steak knife and subsequently attempted to stab the victim multiple times,” officers wrote. “The victim then ran to the bathroom and locked himself inside until he heard Ezra exit his residence.”

Hoover then exited the home and allegedly busted through the rear entry of another house. A woman living at the house told officers that once inside, Hoover told her he “stabbed three guys across the street for stealing his money,” police reported.

Officers arrived about that time to the home of the first victim when Hoover emerged from the second home.

“Next, Ezra came storming out of the front door towards Officer B. Wallen, hitting him in the shoulder and attempting to tackle him to the ground,” officers wrote. “Officers on scene then attempted to get Ezra into custody, but he tensed up and would not follow verbal commands to bring his hands behind his back.”

Hoover was eventually taken into custody. Officers reported he had a strong odor of alcohol about him, bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. En route to the jail, Hoover also told officers he “just did 15 years for murder,” GPD quoted him as saying.

Hoover was on parole for a previous stabbing. While the victim sustained a punctured lung and a severed artery from the numerous pocket knife stab wounds to his torso and back, he did not die, police reported.

Hoover pleaded guilty in December 2017 to a charge of assault “under extreme emotional disturbance” and was sentenced to four years’ incarceration. He had been released in March 2018 after serving a few months in prison. Hoover could face the maximum penalty for the charge if found to have violated the terms of his release.

Why Hoover was vandalizing the neighbor’s car was not clear from police reports. The steak knife was not recovered from the scene, officers reported.

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