Full STREAM ahead

St. John School fifth-grader Coen Noble shows other students a ‘Tumbling Tower’ engineering activity. St. John School hosted a school-wide STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) Day at Cardome on Tuesday. The day began with a prayer from Fr. Nguyen Linh, and keynote speaker Fr. John S. Rausch, Glenmark Home Missioners and environmentalist. Kindergarten through fourth-grade participated in STEM activities with fifth-grade students, watched a Bill Nye and Mythbusters video, robotics, outdoor STREAM activities, built a UV shelter, participated in a Brain Blox Challenge and viewed the science fair. Among middle school activities were Newton’s Attic Rocket, a math escape room, Torque with Jimmy, ‘Chemistry is Cool’ and they presented their science fair projects. St. John School has put a strong emphasis this year on STREAM activities inside and outside of the classroom. Every Monday after school there is a STREAM club meeting where new projects are introduced to stimulate the students. All grades are welcome and there are typically 15-20 students participating each week.