Scott County Jailer Derran Broyles asked and received permission from the fiscal court to allow full-time jailer’s deputies to carry a weapon to and from work.

“Jailer Broyles’ thought process is that as they travel to and from work in uniform and the issues that naturally come from interacting with inmates, that has led to staff receiving threats on a regular basis,” said County Judge-Executive Joe Pat Covington. “So he requested to revise the jail’s standard operating procedures to allow deputies to carry a weapon to and from work.”

The amendment presented would allow full-time deputies to be issued a Glock 22 duty weapon and storage box upon successful completion of firearms training and qualification. Magistrate Chad Wallace suggested a change to state that the firearms shall be secured in jail lockers and not lockers or vehicles, and he confirmed that county liability would not be an issue. Magistrate Bernard Palmer said he trusted Broyles to manage the process properly and he made the motion to accept the revision with Magistrate Kelly Corman seconding. 

Magistrate Bill Burke asked how many instances there have been where protection was needed and voted against the amendment. All other magistrates approved it.

Covington also presented a draft interlocal agreement between Scott and Madison counties on storing data. Madison County has extra room at its data center to store information on the cloud, and Scott County is the first to enter into an agreement on the Kentucky Counties Government Cloud. Covington believes this agreement will save the county around $25,000 a year on using the data center compared to using something like Amazon Data Center.

“The cost of building a data center would be several hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the monthly charge of using something like Amazon is more than using the Madison County center,” he said. “This would back up the servers at the jail, treasurer, EMS and sheriff’s office. This is a way to increase our cybersecurity while being good stewards of county money.”

He also said another benefit is that this agreement will allow unlimited data transfer, which the county would not have with another system.

In other business:

— The court was reminded about Saturday’s event at the Scott County Animal Shelter in celebration of its Saturday hours. The event will be today, Sept. 28, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

— Discussed how to align county ordinances to state law on concealed carry weapons. The county had received an inquiry from the Kentucky Concealed Carry Coalition that believes the ordinances currently don’t align. Covington said state law allows the county to prohibit concealed and carry weapons in government buildings, but not government property such as parks. The court didn’t take action Thursday to allow                    County Attorney Rand Marshall to get the amendment correct.


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