Abbey Van Zant on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.  After playing a game, Van Zant was rewarded with $20,000 for her charity work with the homeless. 


A Georgetown College alumni received $20,000 from Ellen DeGeneres for her work with the homeless.

Abbey Van Zant, a former basketball player at Georgetown College, was rewarded the money for putting together bags of supplies the homeless can use such as blankets and socks. Van Zant realized she may not have enough money to give away to the homeless at this time in her life, but that she could still do something to help those in need in her community.  

Van Zant was given the money on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in front of a live audience after she was called on stage by DeGeneres. She was given the money during the game Taste Buds which Degeneres plays on her show. 

Van Zant was blindfolded and given various foods to eat to see if she could name the food without seeing it. Van Zant correctly guessed the five foods that were placed on a table in front of her. The last item she was asked to taste was the cash prize of $20,000, which she didn’t know she was receiving.  

This is the third year the Ellen Show has partnered with Cheerios to give out rewards such as these for work in individual communities.  

Van Zant is a tech for a physical therapist. She currently lives in Crestwood, Kentucky. Van Zant graduated from Georgetown College in May where she studied exercise science. 


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