A Georgetown man who was arrested May 30 in connection with an armed robbery is back in jail on theft and drug charges after allegedly stealing a package from a front porch.

Kyle Jordan Robinson was arrested Thursday after the Georgetown Police Department posted a video on its Facebook page of a man stealing a package off a front porch on Waterside Drive. A camera installed at the home caught the person stealing the package and getting on his bike and riding away. People quickly posted Robinson’s name on the post thinking it looked like him.

Shortly after, officers stopped Robinson as he matched the physical and clothing description on the video. Upon searching Robinson’s backpack they found a Marketing 5th Edition textbook which had been reported stolen. Officers also found paraphernalia including two glass items, one shaped like a small glass cup and the other a meth pipe with residue and burn marks on it. There was also a plastic baggie tied off with a pinkish rock-like substance and small crystal-like granules inside. Both substances field-tested positive for methamphetamine, and weighted 13.5 grams, records state.

Robinson said he was not the person in the picture, the textbook was his cousins and the meth was salt. He was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of 13 grams of meth and possessing stolen property.

He was just arrested on May 30 along with Zachary James Arnett by the Scott County Sheriff’s Office after a resident on Lisle Road reported they put a gun to his head and took personal items. Robinson and Arnett was stopped on Seminole Trail where officers found Xanax, methamphetamine and marijuana, along with three firearms.

The Georgetown Police on its Facebook page states, “Your calls really do matter! Keep up the good work, Georgetown!”

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