Some 21 handguns have been stolen in Georgetown over the past six months, including 16 from vehicles, said Georgetown Police Chief Michael Bosse.

The GPD took to social media via its Facebook account to warn residents of the “alarming trend” and to take preventive measures.

“We are seeing a dangerous trend of juveniles with handguns in this community,” Bosse wrote. “Our ‘shots fired’ calls have increased in the past six months by 30 percent and we are seeing juveniles involved in serious crimes involving guns.”

This past weekend, several young people were arrested and handguns were recovered, the chief wrote.

“On this past Friday night, Georgetown Patrol Officers arrested a 19-year-old for trafficking in marijuana,” Bosse wrote. “The suspect had in his possession two handguns.

“On Saturday night, Georgetown Patrol Officers arrested a 15 and a 14-year-old, both in possession of handguns. Both handguns were stolen. GPD detectives are continuing an investigation from last week in which three adults and six juveniles were charged with robbery, burglary, wanton endangerment and criminal syndicate. Two handguns, both stolen, were recovered during that investigation. This particular group was engaged in drug activity and violent crime. The cases are in the county attorney’s office.”

Over the past few weeks, some 10 juveniles and four adults (18-19 years old) have been arrested and charged for similar activities, the chief said. Some of those arrested are out of jail pending court appearances, he noted.

“We know the community is very concerned about this activity and GPD is working hard to introduce the violators to our criminal courts,” Bosse wrote. “GPD has received very good intelligence from concerned citizens who recognize the dangers presented by these activities.”

The chief offered some tips to help the police curtail the activity including:

—Do not leave guns in vehicles overnight.

—Lock your vehicle.

—Report suspicious activity. Groups, usually two or three individuals are hitting neighborhoods at night.

—Report all theft.

—Record serial numbers of all guns.

—Talk to your young people about the dangers of carrying guns.

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