Georgetown Police Department Detective Lewis Crump

An arrest Wednesday morning turned into a potential life threatening encounter for a Georgetown Police Department detective.

According to the police department’s Facebook page, Detective Lewis Crump stopped an individual on Paris Pike Wednesday morning for outstanding warrants out for his arrest. During Crump’s investigation, the individual fled on foot, continuing down Paris Pike to Elkhorn Creek, where the suspect then jumped into the creek, attempting to swim across.

Within seconds, the suspect went under water. Upon surfacing, the suspect began to splash frantically to stay above water, screaming he could not swim.

“With little regard for his own safety, Detective Crump immediately jumped into the creek and swam out to the suspect,” the Facebook post reads.

Crump guided the suspect to shore, where he was taken into custody and provided with medical treatment.

The suspect was later identified as 24-year-old Jamal Johnson.

“We are extremely proud of Detective Crump for not only his tenacity as an investigator, but also his compassion and willingness to risk his safety to help others.”

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