In a status hearing on Thursday morning Judge Thomas Clark determined the James Anthony Gray trial will likely be prosecuted next spring. 

The judge conferred with both the defense team and the prosecuting attorney behind closed doors for several minutes. Once court was in session, it was determined another hearing will take place the first week in December to set a specific date for the trial next spring. 

A trial date next spring will push the case into its 13th year. According to Scott County Jailer Derran Broyles, the cost of holding Mr. Gray is adding up. 

“We are holding Mr. Gray outside the county at a cost of $45 per day,” said Broyles.”We’re here to work with the system but it is a continual strain on the staff and the facility to hold someone for years.” 

If the trial does go into it’s 13th year, the cost of Gray’s incarceration will total over $213,525. That number does not take into account the additional costs of the sheriff’s office transporting Gray to his hearings and other fees associated with the trial.

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