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Members of the Maggie’s Light Board of Directors make a donation of a Cuddle Cot, memory kits, rocking chair and blankets to Georgetown Community Hospital Sunday. Pictured from left, Kevin Turner, vice president of Maggie’s Light, LLC; Emily Turner, founder/president of Maggie’s Light, LLC; Josh Barnette, Maggie’s Light, LLC board member; Jessica Barnette, Maggie’s Light, LLC board member; Georgetown Community Hospital CEO William Haugh; Cheryl Lewis, co-director of Women’s Services with Georgetown Community Hospital; Bettina Sharp, Maggie’s Light, LLC board member; and Rick Sharp, Maggie’s Light, LLC board member.

Maggie’s Light, a group supporting parents who lose a baby at birth, has made good on one of its missions — donation of a Cuddle Cot to Georgetown Community Hospital.

The Cuddle Cot allows the family who has lost a baby at birth to spend more time with their child. It is a cooling system hooked into a bassinet-type bed that keeps the baby’s body cold and they can spend up to 72 hours with their baby.

Ever since Maggie’s Light was formed, one of its goals was to donate such a cot to Georgetown Community, and they delivered on that pledge Sunday, along with a rocking chair and several kits that go to the parents who have lost a baby.

“This has been a community effort to help make this happen. There’s been fundraisers and people have been crocheting blankets to donate,” said Emily Turner who started Maggie’s Light after she and her husband lost their baby Maggie. “We wanted to make this happen.”

Maggie’s Light has donated one Cuddle Cot to a Lexington hospital, and another is planned to be donated to Mt. Sterling.

“It is so important for parents who have lost a baby to have those precious moments and time to have memories,” Turner said.

“The Cuddle Cot lets the parents stay with their baby in the room, home or even the funeral home. They don’t have to have the baby removed from them right away.”

Cheryl Lewis, co-director of women’s services at Georgetown Community, said the hospital was grateful to be receiving the gifts from Maggie’s Light.

“It is such a blessing for us and this community to have a group like Maggie’s Light,” she said.

 “It is such a difficult time for the family and this helps them personalize those memories and offer after-care and support.”

It is not just the parents who need that time with the baby, but also grandparents and siblings, she said.

“Nobody wants to think about it, but it is a reality some have to face,” she said.

The Cuddle Cot was donated in honor of Madelyn Lou Case by her grandparents, who are on the board. Madelyn was also the first family Emily worked with. The rocking chair was donated in memory of Baby Barnette and Baby B Barnette.

“People don’t realize how needed a rocking chair is for the mother and how special rocking a baby is,” Turner said.

The kits, including new ones developed for parents who come to the emergency room after a miscarriage, were donated in memory of Audrey Grace Vandergrift.

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