Another business related to the hemp industry has bought space in Lane’s Run Business Park, joining other tenants tapping into the growing industry.

Scott United Executive Director Jack Conner made the presentation at Monday’s Georgetown City Council meeting. Touchdown Properties has taken a build/lease agreement on 6.23 acres adjacent to Bluegrass College and Technical Center, and the proposal is for a building of 22,000 square feet and then a second building to come later.

“There are three projects in the first phase of this development, and this is what I’m really excited about,” Conner said. “As you know, we did the Ecofibre project on Corporate, which is the black hemp project. This project is called a hemp analysis lab, and is part of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s hemp pilot program. And this is really neat — they will be laboratory testing hemp for THC, and the beauty of this project is that this lab will also be testing about 100 different components of the hemp oil.

“I’m not an expert in any way shape or form on hemp, but they seem to think there are great properties in hemp oil.”

The second project is a worldwide call center for hotels and motels.

The third project is also unique, Conner said.

“It will be a test kitchen for CBD oils. About 500 square feet,” he said. “I talked to the owner, and he has a lab in Lexington. He wants to infuse CBD oil into food and see if it has any property value. For example, infuse it into breads, pizza.”

This project has no incentives.

Mayor Tom Prather and the council said this is the type of cutting-edge industry that has huge business potential.

“This takes us into a whole new direction,” Conner said. “Ecofibre starts it, this follows it. I have another client looking at other property.”

“It is consistent with the Commissioner of Agriculture’s mission,” Prather said.

“Who would have thought of something like this when we started buying property,” said Councilman Marvin Thompson. “We were thinking manufacturing, and this is something totally different. It is unbelievable.”

Council unanimously approved the sale.

Another sale of a small parcel of land was also unanimously approved by the council. The transaction involves Superior Equipment Company needing .8-acre to rectify issues with on-site retention and parking areas, Conner said. The sale was approved unanimously.

Prather pointed out these are sales in Phase I which goes directly to the city’s outstanding debt when they bought the paper.

Ecofibre will break ground Friday, June 21, at noon, Conner said.

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