Members of Focus Church are working with Habitat for Missions and Focus on Uganda and others to help establish a vocational school in Uganda. 

Members and volunteers are working to renovate a house close to downtown Georgetown and flip it for profit to go toward the vocational school. 

“Habitat for Missions’ primary purpose is to facilitate funding for missionaries and mission projects,” according to a mission statement about the current project in Georgetown. 

Funds are raised to purchase a house to flip. 

“Habitat for Missions generates financing from investors who loan funds interest free for one year,” the statement said. “These funds purchase the house and provide for the necessary materials to renovate the structure.”

Focus on Uganda is coordinating the renovation. They are working to bring in volunteers and contractors to see the project completed. 

Ninety percent of all profit will go directly to Uganda to open the vocational school, the statement said. 

The vocational school will look to provide opportunities in carpentry, welding, electrical, construction, tailoring, bookkeeping and agriculture. 

“The Focus on Uganda board is made up of individuals from various denominations that care deeply about the future of the folks we know and love in Uganda,” the statement said. “We want to be able to help them help themselves.” 

Focus on Uganda is looking for help from church groups, civic groups and individuals to assist with the home remodel.

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