A tentative working budget for Scott County Schools for the 2019-20 fiscal year was approved, and an evaluation of Superintendent Dr. Kevin Hub was performed at the Scott County Board of Education work session Thursday.

The board went in to a closed session to complete the annual evaluation of Hub. There are seven standards outlined in the evaluation for superintendents: Strategic Leadership; Instructional Leadership; Cultural Leadership; Human Resource Leadership; Managerial Leadership; Collaborative Leadership; and Influential Leadership.

Hub received an overall rating of “Accomplished.” Areas of success and strength noted by the board include Cultural Leadership and Human Resource Leadership.

The board cited Hub’s leadership in the preparation of opening Great Crossing High School, Creekside Elementary School and the expansion of Georgetown Middle School as areas where he has demonstrated cultural and human resource leadership. Instructional Leadership was identified as a growth area.

“Working together, the superintendent and board are moving our district forward at record pace while upholding high goals and expectations,” said Board Chair Kevin Kidwell.

“With the support of the community, we are securing a future where the children of this district can continue to grow and thrive.”

The board also reviewed proposals at the meeting. The following proposals were approved:

— A Scott County High School/Cardinal Academy ESL Trip to Washington D.C.

— An Addition/Renovation for Georgetown Middle School.

— A Linkage Agreement between JWAN, LLC and the Scott County Board of Education to establish an educational service plan for students in their care while residing in Scott County.

— The renewal of Board Attorney Contract with the firm Sturgill, Turner, Barker & Moloney, PLLC for 2019-20.

The board received a request from Scott County Middle School for the board to fund an Agriculture teacher. The board ultimately did not pass the motion to accept the request.

The board felt that agriculture is a worthy program, but was disappointed with the lateness of the request and that nobody from Scott County Middle School was present at  Thursday’s meeting to advocate for it.

The Scott County Board of Education’s next meeting is scheduled for June 13.

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