STAMPING GROUND — Stamping Ground Mayor Kayla Jones presided over her last commission meeting as Mayor on Tuesday night. On Dec. 27, the new city commission and incoming Mayor Keith Murphy will be sworn in and a new city administration will begin.

There was no great pomp and circumstance at the meeting over Jones leaving office, but Jones seemed particularly satisfied when an ordinance naming the new plot of land acquired by the city “Buffalo Square,” was read.

The name of the new public land was voted on by the people of Stamping Ground, and the ordinance referenced the name’s homage to Stamping Ground’s history.

In addition to the christening of Buffalo Square, reports from Stamping Ground police, EMS services and the Stamping Ground Fire Department were heard. A proposed inter-local agreement on emergency services and Homeland Security between the Stamping Ground, Sadieville and Georgetown governments was discussed. However, most decision making was tabled until the new commission is sworn in.

When the new administration is sworn in, current commissioners Ashleigh Perry and Ann Brooks-Waller will leave the commission. Sitting commissioner Keith Murphy will take the Mayor’s seat, and sitting commissioner Robert Duncan will stay in his current position.

Murphy and Duncan will be joined in the new administration by new commissioners Robert Jones, Will Hollon and David H. Clark.

The new administration will take the oath of office on Dec. 27 in a special meeting. Its first regularly scheduled work meeting will be held on Jan. 8, 2019.

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