The Kentucky As One music project and their song, “We’ll Get Through This Together,” have over 34,000 views on Facebook and over 1,800 on YouTube at the time of this article.

Several common phrases have come out of the coronavirus and quarantine. One of those phrases is, “we’ll get through this together,” which has been said virtually everyday by Governor Andy Beshear during his press conferences, and the ASL for the phrase was even taught to us by Virgina Moore in those same conferences. And creatives all over are creating content inspired by something that everyone is facing right now.

“We will get through this together” started sticking with Jeff Everman, of Georgetown.

“Like a lot of things after you hear things over and over again it kind of starts sticking with you,” Everman said. “And this one did. I thought, you know, that’s a great message. We really need to hear that right now. And, you know, being a songwriter, that just kind of started clicking.”

So, he decided to do something about it. Write a song. 

Everman, along with Nate Jackson and Erika Gaines of Winchester as well as Bob Stamper, of Richmond organized the Kentucky As One music project.

“One reason I was really inspired to do this was just because I have seen the emotional and spiritual toll it’s taken on friends — the crisis that is,” Jackson said. “And so you know we can’t do everything for everyone. But as musicians, one thing we can do is, is produce something that speaks right to the soul and gives some encouragement and some hope. And so that’s really — that’s really been what’s encouraged me to do this is to just give some uplift — give an uplifting message to everyone.”

Jackson hopes the words resonate with listeners. 

“Also, my hope is with the song that the words we’ll get through this together’ aren’t just a cliche phrase, but that people will think about it more and really think about how they can help one another get through this crisis,” he said.

When writing the song the words and lyrics took on a whole new meaning for Gaines.

“While we were actually writing the song, my grandfather passed away,” Gaines said. “And, you know, I never knew — I never dreamed that these words would speak so true in my life. 

“And then there’s just been a lot of family situations that have been going on. And to know that I’m not alone and that we are really in on all of this together and we can rely on each other, we can love each other, even though we’re supposed to be social distancing, we can still be there from one another. And I think that’s what the song is really talking about. And I just hope that it reminds everybody of the hope of us just still loving on each other, even though we can’t be together.”

In less than 30 days the song came together with over 20 musicians from all over the state, the group said. Musicians and individuals on production are from Bloomfield, Elizabethtown, Fort Knox, Georgetown, Hodgenville, Lexington, Louisville, Nicholasville, Radcliff, Richmond, Rineyville and Winchester. 

“I don’t know how Jeff meets all these people, including me,” Jackson joked.

“I know. He’s so good,” Gaines added, laughing.

“But he is actually the one that brought a lot of the musicians and singers together. Now, Erika knew a couple of people that she brought in and I knew a couple of singers that I brought here. But Jeff was our main guy finding the talent, the artists, and trying to get in touch with them.”

“We’ll Get Through This Together” grew from just a few emails and Zoom meetings, the group said.

“I had a blast recording the guitar parts,” Stamper said. “(I) did an acoustic track and a couple of electric parts. And then just collecting, as Nate said, collecting and mixing and mastering the other instruments as they came in — It was really — it was a lot of fun to do. We had some great players on it. And so, you know, I’ve got to kind of produce at times and pick and choose what we heard in different sections in the song. 

“I remember toward the end of the process, we got a phenomenal string part. And it was after we’d almost had the mix completed. I was like, ‘what am I going to do with this?’ Because it’s so awesome. But, you know, it was a neat to be able to just kind of bring that up in the mix and bring it down and feature that throughout the song. So that was that was my role in it to get it ready. And then, of course, Nate he did an amazing job on the vocals. And so plugging those into the mix at the end and adjusting the final master was a lot of fun, as well, once I had everything put together.”

The group hopes that through the Kentucky As One music project others will get involved and make their own versions of “We’ll Get Through This Together”. 

“We decided upfront, you know, that the main goal was to encourage people,” he said. “We wanted as many people to hear it as possible. So we made the song available for download on our website. And any sales that come through the website, you’re not only gonna get the song, but you’re also going to get the background tracks without vocals and then the background tracks with just the choir. Because one of the things we’d really love to see is to have other people rerecord the song.”

Proceeds from the song downloads will be split 50/50 between the Team Kentucky Fund and the Bluegrass Community Foundation COVID-19 Fund, Stamper said. 

Though the song has only been online for a week the Kentucky As One project has gained a lot of attention. Everman says others are already working on other versions of “We’ll Get Through This Together,” even from a national level.

To find the song “We’ll Get Through This Together” available for download, visit


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