Hunter Moore was ruled mentally incompetent at this time to stand trial on charges of murdering his caregiver last August, but the mental health evaluation also said there is “substantial potential to regain competency.”

The defense and prosecution both agreed to the report by Dr. Amy Trivette, medical director at the Kentucky Correctional Psychiatric Center (KCPC), and Circuit Court Judge Brian Privett ordered Moore to return to KCPC for 60 days and scheduled a hearing on Oct. 4 to determine if Moore is competent.

Moore was charged with beating to death Denise R. Hamilton with a baseball bat at 219 Markham Drive. Hamilton was Moore’s caregiver, and Moore said God told him to beat the demons out of Hamilton, the News-Graphic reported at that time.

Rob Sanders, commonwealth attorney for Kenton County and the special prosecutor for Moore’s case, said Trivette’s original evaluation in January found Moore competent to stand trial.

“But a supplemental evaluation done in July by Trivette at the request of the defense attorney found his mental condition had deteriorated while incarcerated,” Sanders said. “In her opinion, Mr. Moore needed to go back to KCPC for additional psychiatric evaluation and treatment. The judge ordered him back to KCPC for 60 days.”

Moore will receive treatment and another evaluation will be done at the end of 60 days. The hearing  set for Oct. 4 will determine if the competency hearing can move forward.

“We have to have a hearing to find he is competent to stand trial,” Sanders said. “The important thing for people to know is he will remain incarcerated while getting treatment and not be turned loose.”

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