Special Judge Thomas Clark set a hearing on June 24 to hear more motions regarding alternative perp witnesses in the third murder trial of James Anthony Gray.

The June 24 hearing will be in Lexington since there were no courtrooms available on that date in Scott County’s courtroom, the judge and attorneys agreed to on Thursday.

Gray had heard motions April 27 regarding Gray’s third confession that he murdered his parents in 2007. Special Prosecutor Keith Eardley said Thursday that Gray had ruled the third confession could be admissible earlier this month.

That led to Eardley filing three motions Thursday and one more on Friday regarding evidence on alternative perp witnesses and the extent they can be introduced as evidence and redactions on the third confession.

Defense attorney Brian Hewlett said they would have motions in response and informed the judge that they are already talking to appellate lawyers on the possibility of appealing Clark’s order on the third confession.

Gray’s first trial on murder charges ended in a hung jury in 2012. In 2013, he was convicted of murder but the Kentucky  Supreme Court overturned the conviction in 2016. This third trial is scheduled for Dec. 2-13.

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