The man suspected of an attempted bank robbery in Georgetown and later two successful robberies in Paris used a toy gun, according to police and media reports.

Cheikh Gueye, 35, was captured Wednesday following a whirlwind episode starting in Georgetown around 11 a.m. and ending shortly after noon in Paris. He was arrested near Michael’s Food Mart in Paris with $7,881 in cash and a toy gun, police said. All three incidents occurred in less than 90 minutes, according to various police reports.

It all started when a slender black man entered the Commonwealth Credit Union branch on Marketplace Drive and hung around inside the bank raising suspicions. He eventually approached a teller handing them a note for money or he would kill everyone in the bank. Another teller was alerted and contacted the Georgetown Police Department, which immediately dispatched multiple units to the bank.

The man apparently sensed something and immediately left the bank on foot towards Rooster’s restaurant. He was believed to be driving a red Camry as it left the scene.

Georgetown police converged on the bank and alerted the FBI. While investigators were at the Georgetown bank, authorities learned of two bank robberies in Paris.

Kentucky Bank and Bluegrass Federal Savings & Loan were each robbed under similar circumstances as the Georgetown event.

While Paris authorities were investigating the two bank robberies, they were alerted a man fitting the robbery suspect’s description was in a nearby convenience store. They converged on the store and Gueye was captured.

Gueye confessed to the robberies and is being held at the Bourbon County Detention Center, police said. 

Gueye lives in Lexington and has been charged with two counts of robbery and resisting arrest. 

He will likely face charges in the Georgetown incident as well.


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