Prayer service

About 50 people gathered at the flagpole at Scott County High School to pray for the new school year Tuesday night.

The annual prayer vigil brings together various members of the community, including students, teachers and pastors, to pray for students, teachers and parents as the school year begins. Wednesday’s vigil featured music, scripture readings and prayer for students to have a safe year learning while also seeking wisdom for parents and teachers.

Danielle Roark and Alice Farley, teachers at Scott County Preschool started the service as a way to lift up parents, teachers and students.

“We pray for wisdom in raising families and the teachers have a successful school year,” Roark said. “We want to involve parents, teachers, grandparents and the community in this because it is a teamwork approach to be successful in the classroom.

“We believe prayer provides comfort, changes things and has a positive impact on us as teachers for the whole year. We hope this inspires people to pray for the schools throughout the year.”

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