Residents angry over the Central Kentucky Landfill get their chance to air their grievances to the Scott County Fiscal Court Thursday night at a public hearing on amending the county’s solid waste plan.

The hearing will be at 6 p.m. in the Scott County High School Auditorium.

The public hearing is a culmination of months of frustration by residents living near the landfill in northern Scott County. They have filed multiple complaints with the state over smells and odors coming from the landfill that has led to numerous violations. There have also been concerns over traffic from heavier trucks on the roads to the landfill, and plans to expand capacity and taking  garbage from other areas. Lawsuits have recently been filed and lawyers have been soliciting clients for potential litigation against the landfill and Waste Services of the Bluegrass.

All that has led to Thursday’s hearing. The county has requested comments be emailed so they can be compiled in addition to spoken comments at the public hearing.

Deputy Judge-Executive Jared Hollon said the county has now received nearly 75 emailed comments.  Those speaking at the hearing are limited to three minutes of time to keep things moving, although County Judge-Executive Joe Pat Covington may allow some to return to the microphone.

He reminded anyone speaking Thursday they must sign in. A single spokesperson can be selected on behalf of a group of residents, but all those residents’ names must be submitted so the county can respond to everyone.

The court will not respond to any comments during the meeting. They are required to respond within 15 days.

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