SADIEVILLE — For the first time in several years, Sadieville will have a city festival on Sept. 14 after the city commission approved the date.

Discussion started with interest in a community-wide yard sale then morphed into a mini-festival that will include the official dedication of the city mural being painted on the wall of Eagle Creek Baptist Church, Commissioner Debra Stamper said.

“This will make people very happy,” Mayor Rob Wagoner said. “We have people who ask why don’t you do a festival.”

Commissioner Rachel Southworth frequently hears questions why the city stopped having a fall celebration, she said.

“We have people from out of town who literally come home every year and want to have a festival. We have people from California. We have people from Louisiana,” Southworth said.

Stamper’s committee has suggested some food vendors and a band to provide entertainment, she said.

Wagoner said the mural is coming along.

“I had no idea on the detailed work it took. He put this grid on the wall with a chalkline,” he said.

 “We had a reception (last Friday) and had a great time.”

The commission also approved putting down crumb rubber mulch at the playground.

 Stamper said she could use wood chips or crumb rubber mulch. Wood chips are cheaper but it doesn’t look as nice, and Brian Reese said rubber mulch would be better because there isn’t the concern over mold and having to replace it more frequently.

The price quoted was $315 for a 2,000-pound bag, and Reese made the motion to purchase two bags.

Stamper asked the commission their thoughts about a sandbox in place of the sand volleyball court. She said she has never seen anyone use the court, but Southworth was concerned about cats using it as a litterbox. They decided to just purchase more sand.

In other discussion:

— One property tax delinquency can come off the city books, bringing the total to over $1,300 in delinquent taxes.

— Discussed what to do about the city website and email addresses. They have looked at working to set up a .gov domain. Approval has already been given to use .gov but they have not secured a vendor to set up a .gov website. City leaders are looking for a cheaper and better use of city funds to set up the website.

— A security camera system has been installed at City Hall and leaders have an app on their phones to monitor the cameras. Commissioners are also looking at putting in additional security cameras around the city park and other sites around town.

— Surplused three old picnic tables

— Approved doing the summer fill for city propane tanks based on last year’s usage

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