Various safety issues came up during the Georgetown City Council Traffic Committee Monday afternoon, including parking spots at the top of North Hamilton.

City Engineer Eddie Hightower and others requested better signage to keep people from speeding up the hill between the Justice Center and City Hall the wrong way. There is current signage, but several committee members said several times they notice people not following the sign and flying up the hill so they can turn right.

There was also discussion about two parking spaces at North Hamilton and Main that is making it difficult for larger vehicles, especially first responders, to navigate the turn. Ordinances and laws say the parking spaces must be 30 feet from the light, so there will be some changes to the parking there.

Fire Marshal Tim Thompson mentioned that vehicles parked longer than 24 hours or disabled is making it difficult for fire trucks to get through, and the committee agreed to ask the police to put 24-hour warning stickers on cars that they will be towed.

The committee continued discussion about traffic lights at Rocky Creek and Windameyer Apartments, but they are waiting on Frankfort to review their request of a study. This was the site of a serious accident a few weeks ago.

Requests to consider putting a crosswalk from the Sheriff’s Office to the Justice Center was denied, but Public Works agreed to repave crosswalks at Jackson, Military and College streets.

The committee will also be reviewing traffic ordinances. Committee chair Connie Tackett said she would like to put a committee together of five people to review and draft any changes, including raising parking fines and other items.

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