Scott County turnout for Tuesday's primary election was at 23 percent, far exceeding the overall state forecast of no more than 15 percent, and two Scott Countians will square off in the Agriculture Commissioner race.

Scott County Clerk Rebecca Johnson said she was pleased turnout was over 20 percent.

Buoyed by a Democratic primary for governor, local voters gave Andy Beshear the nod. Beshear had 1,924 votes, Rocky Adkins had 1,759, Adam Edelen had 1,601 votes and Geoff Young had 85 votes. In the Republican primary, Gov. Matt Bevin had 2,179 votes, Robert Goforth had 1,488 votes, William Woods had 192 votes and Ike Lawrence had 162 votes. Beshear and Bevin also won the state nomination.

Scott County went with their hometown favorites in the GOP and Democratic Agriculture Commissioner races as incumbent Ryan Quarles and Robert Haley Conway easily won the county in their respective races. Quarles had 3,629 votes to Bill Polyniak's 312 in the GOP primary, and Conway had 2,019 votes to Joe Trigg's 1,768 in the Democratic primary. Quarles and Conway both won the statewide races as well.

Scott County results for other races were as follows:

- Secretary of State, Democrat: Heather French Henry, 3.911; Jason Griffith, 584; Jason Belcher, 429; Geoff Sebesta, 152

- Secretary of State, GOP: Michael Adams, 1,419; Andrew English, 1,076; Stephen Knipper, 686, Carl Nett, 315

- Attorney General, GOP: Daniel Cameron, 2,034; Wil Schroder, 1,665

- State Auditor, Democrat: Sheri Donahue, 1,846; Kelsey Hayes Coots, 1,364; Chris Tobe, 572

- State Treasurer, Democrat: Michael Bowman, 2,669; Josh Mers, 1,712

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