Annetta Scott is retiring as pageant director after 30 years of organizing the Scott County Fair pageants.

Scott’s son encouraged her to get involved with Kiwanis, she said. Soon after, she became in charge of the pageants.

The first year of pageants were only for preschool age, Scott said.

“We were out of ribbons before we even got started,” she said. “So, we had to get organized and really learn, ya know, what we were doing.”

After that first year Scott found out pageants were a part of the state fair. So, they started having baby, toddler and little Mr. and Miss pageants as a part of the Scott County Fair, sending the little Mr. and Miss to state.

“I said, ‘Well, if we don’t do anything between 7-year-old girls and up to the time they get to be 16, they lose out,’” Scott said. So, they started more pageants and began sending those winners to state, as well.

“We just kinda kept adding,” she said.

Scott spends 300 hours or more getting the pageants organized, she said.

Pageants were only open to Scott County girls at one time, but eventually it was opened to other counties.

“It was limited to Scott County girls,” Scott said. “And then, almost all the counties had to start opening cause Scott County girls don’t get into it. There’s just so much sports (that) goes on, and everything. All the counties are like that.”

Now there is a $1,000 scholarship given to the winner of the Miss Scott County Georgetown Kiwanis Scholarship pageant.

“We are the only county, I understand, in the state that gives a $1,000 scholarship,” she said. “I went to them at the (Kiwanis) board and I said… ‘You can give scholarships.’ And they voted to do it.”

During Scott’s retirement she plans to work more on her farm and continue to work in real estate, she said.

Jennifer Giles Baldwin will be the new pageant director.

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